Since I reached my maximum level of being pissed today, I need to rant a bit to let off steam…

I am sooooooo sick and tired of all those people bitching around being spoiled about the movie “The Avengers”.

Don’t put spoilers on Tumblr……

You know we are talking about Tumblr here, here usually the news, gossip, pics, clips and gifs are spreading faster than lightning speed so if you really wanna be totally unspoiled - DON’T VISIT TUMBLR!! Unfollow me, I don’t give a fuck about that for I don’t like getting a muzzle for something that is not my fault!!
And I personally find it extremely arrogant for some Americans/Canadians to tell entire Europe, Africa, South America and parts of Asia to shut the fuck up and make them fangirl and squee about the most epic movie ever in secret or in asks/fanmail … really, who do you think you are?? And commenting it with “I need to cut down that bitch” is also not very polite to comment if you ask me…

Okay, since you cannot stay away from Tumblr, you asked us to at least tag the spoilers….

I only can speak for myself and since this is still my Blog, I reblog what I want and for I have seen the movie i will take my goddamn right and reblog scenes and quotes I really loved!! I tag them with #spoilers and #avengers spoiler and if your Phone does not support Tumblr Savior and you get spoiled then stop complaining and bitching around for I respect your wish!!

We would not spoil you as well….

I am pretty sure, you would spoil the fuck out of us!! If you would get the movie earlier than us and we would have to wait till may, I am pretty sure, you would spoil the fuck out of us without mercy..

Oh, that won’t happen you say?

Let me give you an example: WAR HORSE!

Living in Europe I could already watch gifs and clips of Captain Nicholls’ death scene all over Tumblr at leat 3 months before the actual movie opened here in theatres and there was no spoiler alert, proper tagging, putting it behind a cut or anything. A friend of mine asked nicely to put those spoilers under a tag and the lovely answer was: “Not my problem, fuck off bitch!”

OMG!! You have seen those screencaps and some gifs. The movie is ruined now…

Let me tell you this: The movie is epic 140 minutes long, one single screencap or a gif of about 10 seconds in the movie does neither give away the entire scene nor ruins the entire movie!!!  And I have seen the movie, those gifs do not ruin the fun. More the opposite should be the case if you ask me.  A very good friend of mine who has not seen the movie either saw that “spoilerish” gif set on her dash but she said she was even more excited now to finally watch the movie and to see those gifs/pic in the context of the film to understand it…

And remember…Japan for example has to wait till August to watch the movie. I am pretty sure until then one or two copies of the movie are already available for download and the scenes will be gifed and on Tumblr at least two day after the movie release in the US and I doubt you all will keep your mouths shut till August to respect your asian friends!!

So please, live and let live, it is just a movie for gods sake and not  God’s new 10 commandments  or something, so please calm your titties and think of the tone before you bitch around.

Thank you, that is all!

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  13. mrsmischief said: exactly. thank you. I don’t understand all the complaining, if I don’t want to get spoiled about something I just don’t come here/avoid the tags & blogs that I know will post spoilery things… it’s that easy.
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